Proper belt installation is essential for optimal performance of synchronous V-belt transmissions.

It allows a simple and precise tension measurement by analyzing waves (natural frequencies) from the belt through the sensor. It processes the input signals and provides an accurate digital display of the voltage in Hz and N. This meter is compact, computerized for repetitive use by accurately measuring the belt tension over and over again.


  • Accurate measurement of belt tension force.
  • Easily manageable
  • Exact calculation of branch strength
  • Indication of belt tension in herz
  • Belt tension indication in Newton
  • Reproducibility of measurement results
  • Rugged keyboard screen
  • Simple and safe operation
  • Guided by menu and display of measurement values to choose between 10 languages
  • Compact and practical design with belt clip

Technical specifications

Measuring range 10 … 800 Hz
Default digital sample <1%
Display error ± 1 Hz
Nominal temperature 20 ° C
Free branch length Up to 9.99 m
Belt mass Up to 9,999 kg / m
Operating temperature 10 … 50 ° C
Transport temperature -5 … +50 ° C
Case Plastic (ABS)
Appliance Dimensions 80 × 126 × 37 mm
Briefcase Dimensions 226 × 178 × 50 mm
screen LCD display with 2 lines and 16 digits
Eligible Languages 10 languages
Feeding 9V battery or accumulator
Laser Gates AT-1
Laser Gates AT-1

Gates’s laser Alignment tool, the AT-1 laser, ensures a much faster and more accurate method. This device is installed in a few seconds and the laser beam projected over the receivers allows you to quickly determine and correct misalignment. The AT-1 LASER identifies the parallel and angular misalignment of the pulleys and is valid for pulleys with a diameter greater than 60 mm.

. The tool is so light that it can be mounted on non-magnetic pulleys using double-sided tape and can be used on machines installed horizontally or vertically.

  • Valid for trapezoidal and synchronous belts
  •  Indicates parallel and angular misalignment of pulleys
  •  A much faster and more accurate measurement than conventional methods
  • Valid for machines installed horizontally or vertically
  •  A single operator can Perform alignment . Also suitable for non-magnetic pulleys